How can I make an appointment?

Visit our contact us page. If you prefer, you can download this PDF medical evaluation form before you come to the office, which may expedite your visit.

How quickly can I come in if I have a dental emergency (missing tooth, chipped tooth, etc.)?

We are available at your convenience. You can always call the office with an emergency and we will schedule you an appointment as soon as possible. We can also be reached during off hours via cell phone or email.

Can you help me decide whether I am a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Everyone is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. All of the procedures we perform are cosmetic, from a small bonding to a major full mouth reconstruction.

What type of fillings do you use?

Depending on the size of the cavity we may use a simple restorative material such as composite, amalgam, or if it is more extensive, gold or porcelain.

What makes your office unique?

We practice “minimal dentistry,” which means that we work with you to prevent any future dental problems. We believe the less we touch your teeth, the better, and thus you will not be subjected to unnecessary treatments. This philosophy leads to overall better long-term dental health, and overall happier patients!

We believe a healthy and radiant smile can be the key to building confidence, and we love to see our patients’ satisfaction with our work. Whether you require general or cosmetic procedures, our team can help you improve your dental health and overall look of your teeth, gums, and smile. We look forward to building a relationship with each new patient!

Do you take patients from out of town?

Yes. Please call ahead for availability and to book an appointment. Please also check with your insurance provider about coverage.

Where can I park near the office?

Try one of the following convenient parking garages, which have hourly rates: Meyer’s Parking System (31 West 52nd St.), Icon Parking System (666 Fifth Ave.), or Central Parking System (23 West 55th St.).

Where can I find testimonials of your work?

Please click here to view our testimonials page. We also invite you to search for us on Yelp.com and submit a review of your experience.